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  1. elektrik141

    [Read First] Punishment Appeal Guidelines

    If you believe you have been unfairly punished, you can create a punishment appeal. Remember that using correct grammar, being polite and providing evidence to prove your innocence will result in you having a higher chance of getting unpunished. Please note that staff members may deal with...
  2. elektrik141

    [Read First] Bug Reporting Information

    For us to efficiently handle any sort of bugs you may experience on Minecraft Central, we enforce a specific format so that we can get all the information we require to effectively fix the bug as soon as possible. Not providing enough or the wrong information will result in the bug report being...
  3. elektrik141


    If a user is noticed breaking any of the server rules, a player report ticket can be created here to have the user punished by a staff member. Format: In order to submit a sufficient report make sure you follow these points down below. ➥ Evidence must be provided (Screenshots or video...
  4. elektrik141

    [Read First] How to appeal a punishment

    If you are banned or muted, then the chances are you were being a bit of silly sausage. However, if you feel that you were punished without a truly valid reason please use the following format to appeal. Please read all of this thread before appealing to ensure you follow the correct format. An...
  5. elektrik141

    ZombieMine Server Rules

    Basic Rules 1. You are responsible for your own account. - You will be punished for whatever rules your account breaks. Saying that someone else did something on your account will never be accepted as an excuse. 2. Use common sense - It would be impossible for us to list every possible...
  6. elektrik141

    Welcome to the new forums

    Hey everyone, Welcome to the new forums! It's a brand new theme utilizing the latest software. The leaderboards page is currently a work in progress, but we hope you enjoy the new forums. To confirm, we will be releasing Mars Dimension on Saturday, May 2nd @ 3PM EST. We hope to see you there...