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[Read First] Bug Reporting Information

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For us to efficiently handle any sort of bugs you may experience on Minecraft Central, we enforce a specific format so that we can get all the information we require to effectively fix the bug as soon as possible. Not providing enough or the wrong information will result in the bug report being denied.

Username - This is as straight forward as it sounds. What is your Minecraft Username. This is necessary for helping us find the cause of some bugs when searching through the server logs.

Location - If it's in-game then please provide the name of the sub-server/minigame/lobby. Use /whereami and provide a screenshot of the message with the location. All in-game bug reports must have this as it helps determine where and when on the network the bug occurred. Otherwise, you can just put Forums or Discord.

Minecraft Version - Note the version of Minecraft you are running as well as if you have LabyMod, 5zig (standalone), Forge or LiteLoader. Example: Forge 1.12

Description - Provide a short description here along with the evidence of the bug you are reporting. Explain it to the best of your ability even if it's a video and such.
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