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[Read First] How to appeal a punishment

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If you are banned or muted, then the chances are you were being a bit of silly sausage. However, if you feel that you were punished without a truly valid reason please use the following format to appeal. Please read all of this thread before appealing to ensure you follow the correct format.

An appeal may only be submitted by the punished player or their parent/guardian.

How to submit an appeal

Click this link to create a new thread
2) Write your appeal using this format:
In Game Name:
Punishment Type (Server, Discord):
Punishment Reason:
Why was the punishment false?:
(Appeals NOT using this format will be denied.)

Press "Create Thread"
4) Wait for a reply. Please DO NOT create multiple appeals.

NOTE: Your appeal will automatically be given the prefix of "Open", please do not remove this or your appeal may be missed.

Please write appeals in English. Please be calm and polite in your post; our Senior staff are humans and will try their best to assist you. Be respectful.

We try to reply to all appeals within 72 hours.

Where do I find my UUID?

Go to
2) Enter your in-game name where it says "Enter username or UUID"
3) Press "Lookup"
4) Copy the data from the box labelled "Trimmed UUID"

1) Go to
2) Enter your in-game name where it says "Name / UUID / Server IP"
3) Press the blue search button
3a) If multiple names match, select the name with your skin
4) Copy the data from the box labelled "UUID"

Where do I find my punishment reason?

Punishment reasons are shown either on the ban screen, or the message displayed to you when you are muted. If you do not see a punishment reason, please be patient and wait 30 minutes. The reason will show eventually.

I'm angry, my appeal wasn't accepted. Grr!

Appeal decisions are final. Please respect the fact our Senior Moderator team have taken the time to look into the ban for you and have looked into all evidence stored to support it. If the decision has been made to not accept your appeal, this means we feel the punishment is valid.

You cannot appeal punishments that have already ended.

Lastly, DO NOT ask staff members to look at your appeal. Messaging Moderators, Senior Staff and Owners might result in you getting banned from the forums. Be patient and await your reply. Every ban appeal will get a response.
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