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ZombieMine Server Rules

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Basic Rules
1. You are responsible for your own account.

- You will be punished for whatever rules your account breaks. Saying that someone else did something on your account will never be accepted as an excuse.

2. Use common sense

- It would be impossible for us to list every possible wrongdoing in the rules. Use your sense of right and wrong to guide your actions on the server.
You can still be punished for things that are not explicitly stated in the rules.

3. Using an alternate account to evade a punishment is NOT allowed

Chat Rules
4. Advertising is NOT allowed

- Do not mention servers that are not part of the Vulengate Network in public chat or private messages

5. Swearing is allowed, but do not overdo it or use it to harass other players

- There is a fine line to walk when swearing, so be careful with it. Staff members will determine whether or not your swearing has become excessive.

6. Bigotry/hate speech including but not limited to ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion is NOT allowed

- This especially includes racist or homophobic slurs

7. Harassment and excessive trolling are NOT allowed

8. Spamming and excessive use of capital letters are NOT allowed

9. Sexual discussions in public chat are NOT allowed

10. DDoS threats or threats of real-life violence are NOT allowed

11. Impersonating or "pretending to be" someone that you are not is NOT allowed

12. Posting other player's personal information without their consent is NOT allowed

13. Using languages besides English in public chat is NOT allowed

Gameplay Rules
14. Griefing, raiding, and scamming are NOT allowed

- This means you cannot steal from or destroy from other player's work, EVEN if it is not claimed. You must also respect a player's area.
If they ask you to leave or to not build right next to them, listen to them.

15. Cheating the AFK Kicker or using a AFK farm/grinder that requires no attention to the game and prevents you from being kicked (e.g. AFK fish farm) is NOT allowed

We have the AFK Kicker enabled for a reason, it isn't there to be pretty.

16. Exploiting glitches/mistakes is NOT allowed

- If you find something that can be exploited, report it to a staff member immediately. Using a exploit to benefit yourself will get you banned.

17. Offensive builds are NOT allowed

18. Using AutoClickers, Macros, or "a weight on your keyboard" is NOT allowed

19. Cross server key/quest scroll trading is NOT allowed

20. Using an alternative account to gain an advantage over someone with only one account is not allowed. (e.g. using it for voting, daily kit, bosses, afking farms etc)

21. Harassing people using morphs is not allowed. Be respectful when using them.

22. Selling others players art (artmaps) without permission is not allowed.

23. Lag inducing builds such as hopper grids, massive amounts of item frames, chests and huge redstone contraptions are not allowed. If there's a problem with your creations a staff member may contact you to discuss the situation.

- You can only have up to ~200 item frames in a 10x10 chunk area.
- Please put droppers on hoppers used for transport and don't build unnecessary things

24. Joining a boss fight uninvited is not allowed.

25. Abusing the boss, for example fighting it in a way so it doesnt target you is not allowed.

26. Automatic Jobs machines that makes money passively are not allowed (for example auto brewing machines).

27. Claimed Major Natural Resources = MNR's (End Portals, Pillager Outposts, Villages, Sea Temples) may forcibly be unclaimed under the conditions listed below:

- User has been inactive in the last 120 days and the MNR is in high demand with no other available MNR's of the same type within the world border.
- User has been inactive in the last 60 days and owns more than one of a single type of Major Natural Resource.
- User has been inactive in the last 30 days and has not made significant modifications to the structure/area of the MNR.
- User has claimed more than one of a single type of Major Natural Resource and is not utilizing/selling them at reasonable prices.
- End Portals must be accessible by all users. If you decide to claim an end portal, it is your responsibility to create an access point for all users who wish to find it using Eyes of Ender.

We will not remove your claim if the MNR is open for public use and is easily accessible by all users, even if you have been inactive for a long time. These rules are in place to prevent users from creating a monopoly with MNR's and limiting the number of players that have access to them.

28. Bases/Claims must be made 100 blocks away from other bases or 200 blocks away from any town. This rule is enforced if a user reports someone who is within their area, in which case they will be asked to move.

29. Selling items for real money is not allowed.

For the most part, any modifications that do not give you an advantage in gameplay are fine. For example, mods like Optifine and Armor HUD are perfectly fine. Gamma/turning up your brightness is also acceptable. However, there are modifications to your game that are definitely not allowed.

27. Making use of any of the features of a hacked client is NOT allowed

28. X-Ray mods and X-Ray resource packs are NOT allowed

29. Minimap mods are allowed as long as they do not map out caves

Market Specific Rules
30. You are not allowed to sell shop plots.

31. You can not have any redstone contraptions on your shop plot that could cause lag.

32. Not properly maintaining your shop plot can lead to it being unrented.

- Shops must have a minimum of 12 unique items being sold that are of value to the players at sensible prices.

- Shops must be restocked frequently

- Newly rented plots and plots undergoing maintenance must be up and running in 5 days.

(This rule is to make sure that the plots are being utilized. Attempts at taking advantage of the rule may lead to punishment.)

33. Shop plots are automatically unclaimed after 21 days of not logging on the server.

34. If you lose your plot your valuable items in shop chests will be temporarily stored by a staff member. You will also receive a mail in game on how to reclaim your items.
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